I might be on and off for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months.

I need to break away from DA, Tumblr, and all the other places I’m on more often.

Commissions will still be open during my semi-hiatus. You can note me or email me. Email is





A video game in which every time you die your injured limbs and body parts are replaced by machines and you slowly become less and less human until the point in which you have no human body parts left and you must decide whether you will continue to fight for humanity of which you have no connection left with

Someone do fan art of this

Screw fan art someone make THE DAMN GAME. 



Because of Kanji’s vet bills, I decided to offer up the prototype Barioth plush for auction. This is likely to be the only Barioth I make, and the auction for it can be found here!

As stated in the auction, any money made over £150 if it gets that much interest, will be donated to ARC, which is the amphibian and reptile conservation trust in the UK, as most of our slippery and scaley wildlife is endangered here.